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Places of Interest

Hyderabad city is laid down with places of interest. Located in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, the city houses a plethora of attractions. The beauty of the nature and the wonder of the moment, there is every thing to please the eye and pull the feet. To begin with there are places bearing impressions of the past. These historical places bear feelings of an age that is more soothing than exciting. Present in the city are numerous holy place that seem as great rewards for the religious. The past, as further, is hold captive in various monuments and museums prevalent in the city.

The beauty here is preserved and protected in parks, gardens and various animal reserves. To avail the opportunity of a wild but benign encounter these places are provided with all the necessary stuff. The animal reserves and amusement parks in general, are simply irresistible. These places support the rich diversity, conspicuous throughout. 'By the lake', is one good experience one do not intend to miss and that too at Hyderabad. The city consists of several beautiful lakes surrounded by landscaped gardens.

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